Training Database Access

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Training Database Access

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We're using the PDC and the training database (with the admin training accounts) for our new implementation .
One of our users is getting the message: You do not have access to any PO Groups in the Requisition/Purchase
Order process. Contact your System Administrator to obtain access to these options.
Suggestions for access for this user?
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Re: Training Database Access

Post by MaryO-Skyward »

Someone who has system wide access in your training database needs to take the following steps to give the person access to Purchase Order Groups:

1. Log into Web Financial Management
2. Click Purchasing, Setup, Configuration
3. Click Group Access by Person
4. Find the person that needs access in the list of names
5. Expand them by clicking on the arrow to the left of their name
6. Click Edit to the right of the Req/PO Group Access node
7. You can check All Groups or each individual group you want that person to have access to
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